Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Senior Port and Stuff-Part2: 3D Models

So I've been working nonstop to create a demonic gothic cathedral and this is what I've model so far. There's going to be new modular pieces that will populate the environment but in the mean time...this is what I'm showing.

I have my block-out ready. The interior is just my project for this semester but if I'm able to finish it in a satisfactory way then i will move on to do the outside of the cathedral. This place is huge and will have tons of Decals and modular pieces but first the big props.

I will update better images of the finished products with the textures, the specular maps, normals polished. For now, please just bear with the basic textures and maps of my models.

 To the pew, I worked on the material because wood doesn't show with white grim, it's more of an orangy color.

 I worked on the pillar normals to fix the skulls and only have three columns instead of eight so that the normals would look better.

 Right now, I'm working on the high poly of my Altar. I worked the basic block-out in 3ds Max and the moved it to ZBrush to put in the detail.

Senior Port and Stuff-Part1: Sketches

So I've been working nonstop to create a demonic gothic cathedral and this is what I've model so far. These are the sketches behind everything that i'm modeling. All of them are inspired in Gothic architecture just stylizing parts to be more of a crazy satanic sect (I'm not a Satanic...). 
First, I had to think of a demon to do the sect after so i had to do my reasearch and ended up stumbling with Abaddon who is the demon of war and the dead. It really helped me to pick my aesthetic choices. So I went with skeletons and horns. basic, but very primal and epic.
Sects and demons tend to have their own Logo or Symbol, so I used a couple of existent ones and the face of the demon that I chose to do the sect after.

Next, the pew. I know there isn't change in the silhouette, but my teacher liked it so i went with it and did tons of ideations with what I had.
That's when the pillars came to be. They had so much detail but i still couldn't go extreme with detail because the main piece is the altar, so I had to go back and forth to find some balance.

Last but not least, the most epic piece of my setting, the Altar piece. I did a bunch of ideations of the altar and even had some friends telling me which one they liked so that I could start modeling it. I'll post the images later.