Friday, February 15, 2013


Again doing something just for the spite of it, the thumbnails are from Mike Tiscareno.

Saturday, February 9, 2013


For a class we have to do research about cultures and what their clothes used to be then combine them so I'll post my original drawing of the character I made named Suoh with his symbol and then the full clothed one. We had to choose two civilizations, from four that we did research and I chose Spartan and Mayan and did not use New Kingdom Egypt or Ancient China.

Circus Madness!

Where All Your Nasty Dreams Come True!

I've been sitting in a class just for fun and they had to do one character with basic shapes. In that three hour class I couldn't decide which one to pick so I did four out of the six i had in mind and this is what I got at the end of the class.

Mini Sketchbook

Ok so This is a sketchbook that I've taken everywhere I go and my challenge is to draw anything in 1 min, 5 mins or 10 mins. It's fun and you never expect it. Also, there's some pages that I included with names on them. There's some special guests in my drawings including my brother, the big fashion designer, Luis; also my little cousins found my sketchbook and took over. I thought it was cute so I let them be, Picasso would be proud of them hahahaha. Anyways, here's some stuff that I've done a long the way.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

What It Is To Burn

There's somewhat a story of Finch and me. One that involves a Mexican with a broken ass( yeah I know how that sounds) doing the impossible to see them. So my summer break in Mexico and it was about to end. I was studying in MA and knew nothing of Boston at all. Then I get the news that Finch is playing in Boston a day before I arrive for school, and then a week after in Mexico City...I wanted to shoot myself. Important fact to the story, I had shattered my tail bone in three pieces and no, there are no caskets for that. Also, my family were struggling financially at the time, but I told myself " if you don't find a way to go, you'll regret it for the rest of your live". Anyways, I made a big bargain with my mom and now that I think of it, I probably owe her a kidney, or maybe two. Finally, I got to change my flight and apparently it was the last ticket in the last flight for the night before the concert. Once I arrived, it was me in Boston and you know how it is whenever you go to your first concert by yourself...everything is shady, you don't know what to expect and people stare at you. Did i gave a damn? Hell No! I was going to see my favorite band, so I had to fight with a bunch of tall dudes just to get all the way to the front. I got to meet a nice girl at the concert that I protected from the mush pit of Our Last Night. No, I don't remember her name because once Finch started playing goddamn nothing else mattered. Suddenly everything explodes and the band goes crazy as they play song for song and then in  the middle of the concert i must have jumped super high causeR2K saw me and picked my arm and made me play his guitar. It was so fucking awesome and then Nate jumped to the crowd. Well after the show, I waited for everyone to leave and then Nate came out from the backstage. Pretty awesome dude if you ask me, very chilled and humble. It is one of my best nights of my life broken ass or not! Did I ever felt my back cracking? Never noticed a single thing.

They had no idea about my adventure, that was until they went to Mexico City where my big brother in the attempt of getting me a present for my birthday, went to the backstage to see Finch after their show. After shouting "YOU!" to them and them thinking the fuck? they ended having a beer with him as he told them the story about a crazy mexican that had a broken ass and did the impossible to see the,. they autographed my bass. Now I wonder after so long, will they still remember me?