Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Solar Gun--Continued

Worked on the materials, Specs, toned down the crazy scratches and try to have it more realistic...

My teacher strongly believes that since it is a Solar Gun, the blue takes away the purpose of the gun so I tried two different red options...

This is my first time playing around with Marmoset and it is freaking awesome. can't wait to learn more. The textures of the gun still need alot of work but here they are so far. I'll finish them tomorrow.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fear the Dome

I don't think I've written about this but this semester for my senior port I am working on doing full exterior environment based on the Dead Space franchise. Although, my environment takes place underwater, where the Unitologists hold the last marker. This is one of the pieces and it has been very challenging...seriously, try to find a sphere in the games, movies, etc. Exactly, there's none. So, I decided to make one as the dome which will be a place for the town center where people who live underwater can see what lurks outside. As a part of the story for the dome, picture the Dead Space 2 windows when they broke and you had to shoot a button to close the emergency, now picture a huge necromorph attacking the dome and making cracks on it. The catch is that Isaac has to go outside the base to make close the emergency doors...fun stuff. The pressure would kill the player and the entire base would be flooded if he doesn't. Anyways, here is my dome.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Updates-Kellion 2

Monday 1/4/2014:


I lost a full week of work due to an annoying virus...no excuses so all nighters all this week. Yayyy!!!